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Friday & Saturday 31 May- 1 June 2024 

Çukurova University School of Foreign Languages 





Being that a college’s accreditation is an assurance of its proffering the highest standard of education which the public rightfully demands; higher education institutions are slanted towards gaining accreditation, voluntarily forming associations to evaluate one another upon each school’s declaration of goals. Moreover, the external assurance of quality endowed by the accreditation process helps institutions, students, academicians, and the general public, all of whom benefit from the ongoing quality improvement process, buttressed by the developmental approach to promoting educational excellence. However, there are various challenges faced by institutions, not only in the accreditation process itself, but also in the review process following accreditation. Therefore, in collaboration with other institutions, previous event aimed to define those challenges on the road to quality assurance, and put forth solutions to the problems faced. Building upon the previously discussed challenges, this event seeks to provide participants with insights into the operational methodologies of accreditation bodies. Moreover, it aims to facilitate the exchange of best practices among diverse institutions concerning their respective units, encompassing curriculum, testing and assessment, leadership and management, and professional development.  


This event has been designed such that representatives from various universities across Turkey will gather to discuss quality assurance and enhancement issues in foreign language teaching within universities’ intensive language and preparatory programs. This event is intent on providing an opportunity for different universities within a Turkish context to convene as a means to:   

  • discuss issues regarding quality assurance and enhancement in foreign language teaching and learning 
  • share good practices, experiences, and initiatives addressing the challenges faced by the assured and candidate schools  
  • offer solutions with the help of input sessions, hands-on activities, and exchange of ideas